Saturday, May 31, 2014

Amel Chan now is a wife~

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got married

Thank you so much for all. I will take a break from here for long long long long long long time. 

See you next time. 
Love you all guys.
Good bye.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Download Dorama Here

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Guys just for your reference, if you wanna download some of JUMP dorama and other Japan dorama try to visit this site:


Monday, May 5, 2014

[Talking] Hope we can consider each other as fellow tobikko

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Amel Chan here. Sorry for really really not productive. I want to share something that made me really disappointed toward something recently. 

Well, this is not about our lovely JUMP fandom. This is other. I have best friend who really love hmmm should I say the fandom, and yes, it's EXO. My little sister love it too thought. I hear their music too. Nah what's the matter in here?

My best friend is author in Indonesia, she already released 2 books and ready to launching her 2 other books in near time. Someday, well about somedays ago, she came to me and said "Mel, what should I do? Do you love reading fanfiction, right?" 

I was a bit confused at that time, "Yes, why?" I said.

"Look at this."

She gave me her android, a page of fanfiction there (the page name is secret), and I read it. Yeah story about EXO members, I frown my eye browns and said "I know this sentence, this is yours, right?"

"Yes, what should I do?"

Some one in that big page copied my best friend title and story of his 2nd novel. 

Well, we all know right. Write a fanfiction based from film, movie, novel, manga and other is okay. No problem in that. The problem is when you write the fanfiction based of other story and you not make a "credit" for that story. If you not make credit to the real author or story then it's same you are do plagiarism.

I want save my friend in this matter. Then I sent a message to the page, to their admin. They didn't reply my message for long time, maybe about a week. I checked the author fanfiction blog and other. She posted her story in her blog too. I didn't gave any comment there, because I knew if I said that in public place, i'm afraid she will lost her writer spirit. 

I checked the author blog again in next day and the link was deleted. she already knew, I though. Because have no respond from them, I tell to my best friend the truth that no respon and the link already deleted. My best friend said "It's okay, she deleted it means she already realize that what she did was wrong and it's enough."


Yes, this matter was finished. But today I got message from that page, one of the admin who care said to me their sorry and blah blah blah. But I couldn't replied that message because what? They already changed the setting of the page, so "no message service". 

It's okay for me. 

I just though, what's wrong then so hard to accept advice?

Maybe I have no right to disappointed because I just person who wanna help my friend here. But, why they couldn't give wise respond? It's so coward. 

I hope JUMP admin in every where can learn from this little story. Please consider all people in this fandom as your fellow friend. Not as a stranger.

Sorry if you feel offended. I have no harm purposed here.


Thursday, May 1, 2014

[GOO Ranking] Most beautiful Johnny's talent rankings

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Announcement of this voting was published in GOO Ranking in 25 April 2014, about 5 days ago. It's okay right, if I post it in here now, though a bit late. But I love this one, soooo that's why.

The participant were 1047 monitors on who they think is most deserving of the title of Johnny's talent who has "beautiful-faced". 

I will post the result of that "beautiful-faced" for under 25 yo category. Because there have 2 categories, under 25 and between 25-35.

For the "Under 25" category, my Yamachan got the first place. So happy. This is the result:

 -Amel Chan

[Yamada Ryosuke 4th Generation] Kindaichi Shounen No Jikenbo N (neo) will appear in serial drama!

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Hell yes! I'm so happy like crazy, guys. Finally, my big wish two years ago comes true now. Oops, sorry. I think this is not just my big wish. But... YOU TOO~ Right? Am I right? I know, I am right. Okay this the information about that.
News from SANSPO.COM



 「週刊少年マガジン」で連載中の人気漫画が原作で、実写版はジャニーズの若手が主人公の金田一一(はじめ)を演じることで話題に。1995年のKinKi Kids・堂本剛(35)を皮切りに、2代目を松潤、3代目はKAT-TUN・亀梨和也(28)が扮し、4代目の山田は昨年1月と今年1月のSPドラマに出演した。



That article said that:

It was revealed that Hey! Say! JUMP's Yamada Ryosuke will be starring in NTV's new drama "Kindaichi Shonen no Jikenbo N (neo)".

This will mark the first time in 13 years for the "Kindaichi" series to get a serial drama since it was last aired in 2001 starring Arashi's Matsumoto Jun.

The drama is based on the popular ongoing manga (written by Amagi Seimaru and illustrated by Sato Fumiya) that has been serialized in "Weekly Shonen Magazine". The manga was first adapted into a live-action drama in 1995 starring KinKi Kids's Domoto Tsuyoshi. Since then the protagonist "Kindaichi Hajime" has been played by Arashi's Matsumoto, KAT-TUN's Kamenashi Kazuya, and Yamada is the 4th one to play the role.

Yamada's "Kindaichi" was already aired as 2 special dramas back in January of 2013, and in January of 2014. 
Kawaguchi Haruna (as the heroine "Nanase Miyuki") and fellow Hey! Say! JUMP'Arioka Daiki (as "Saki Ryuji") who also appeared in the special dramas, will co-star with Yamada again in the serial drama.
It was also revealed that Yamaguchi Tomomitsu will play the "Detective Kenmochi." 
NTV's new drama "Kindaichi Shonen no Jikenbo N (neo)" will begin airing in July (every Saturday at 9:00 pm).

Yosh! July please come soon. All information credit to the source.

-Amel Chan

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Your dream is your home, go there

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I can't sleep. Since yesterday I and my classmate went to villa for took refreshing. We had so much fun. When back to home at 1 pm, my body said that I must slept soon. Then I slepy until forgot the time. And now, I wake up at almost 3 am, pass midnight. Until I dunno what date is it? LOL, I believe you ever experience that too, sleep until forget the day and the date. Tomorrow I will go to Ippan Matsuri and go to some place that I still dunno. Maybe alone or maybe with my friend. I will go randomly, maybe. 

After long lay down in my lovely bed without did anything, I decided to wrote something in this my sweet blog. But... wait! What I must write? That what I though when open this blog LOL I really dunno what I must write now. Well... just randomly, how about my recently activity? Is it okay? Okay.

The first, when I went to Villa in Bandung, Indonesia. Strawberry~

I and my friends went to Rumah Strawberry or Strawberry House. We became wild, went here and there. Saw at the stawberry like saw a million gold. It was fun, I love photopraphy, that was why almost all the time the camera almost in my hands. In the end? My picture is the fewest in the camera. Almost full with my classmate photo and me as photographer. It's okay... I love to take the picture after all. But sometime I will be come so selfish and didn't want to touch camera. I want became an object too LOL 
I and strawberry. When harvest stawberry, I remember 'Yamachan~'
Then culinary~
I love culinary so badly. My favorite food? Is Indonesian food. Indonesian food is numero uno for me. I already ate much of kind food, and my tounge taste never change. Even when I went to other country, I keep search Indonesian food there. Yeah, I love to eat much kind of food though. Well, sorry, I too lazy open my album in laptop, then I just captured my instagram.

Cendol! I already frustated because missed Indonesian food so badly went I went to Kuala Lumpur for some days last weeks. After that I desperately went to Bumbu Desa restaurant in KLCC mall. I bought Cendol and Ayam Bakar. Laziiit~

In my campus I usually just eat rice with simply dishesh.
Ndeso (out date) LOL, maybe you think my taste is a bit or so much out date. But hey! It's really delicious.

Do you know? How's desperated I missed Indonesian food at that time? Until I went around there just used my pajamas.
Who's care ROFL
If talking about istagram, I just realize that I love that account now. Usually I just post everything in my another blog of my Amelia self. I write anything in my onether blog, just like my diary. But because I love photography so much, use intagram feel simplier, I just need to upload the picture and write a simply sentence there. And finish. More over instagram indeed for picture. But for write more complex thing, like my experience I will definitely use my blog (not this one).

Aaa, I remember something. What is your childhood dreams?

When I still a little child I have mountain of dreams. I want to be this and that. I want to go there and there. I want so much thing. I want become Doraemon. I want to become Sailormoon. I want to become ballerina. I want to become teacher. I want to become Power Ranger. I want to go around the world. And still many more.

I think my dreams slowly come true. One by one. But of course, until now I not able to become Doraemon, Sailormoon and power Ranger haha. Just forget that stupid thing.

One of my dream is want to go around the world, that dream which make me become a maniac traveller now. Eventhough still many place that I want to go. But I hope some day I can visit that place.

I really want to go around Europe and Turkey with my little sister. I hope next time I can go to Mecca with my husband. Hey wait! I'm not marry yet LOL

When I went to Singapore two weeks ago, I met many wonderful person. One of them is this man.
In crowded people who pray in temple, he sell flower with his whellchair to people who wanna pray. It was so contrast scenery. But it was become nice lesson for myself. You can live with your handicaps. Even better than perfect person.

Am I look like naive person? Talking about dreams?

About one week ago, one of my best friend said to me. "Luckly I never have dreams. Because I know, that will never happen."

What your expectation from me? Said to her that You can do it, ganbatte! Never give up. Hey don't think like that blah blah blah ?

But I couldn't. I keep silent and in the end just could said "All will happen in the right time". It was senseless, right?

Guys... Not the right thing is the right thing for all people. The right thing for me is not mean that indeed the right thing for you too. We have different cirscumstain. We have difference life experience. My friend felt much bitter thing in her life. That's why... I couldn't understand what was she felt at that time.


Whatever your bad experience... Give a chance to your own self is not wrong, right? Even maybe it will feel hurt.

I... myself. Ever though that maybe my dreams are just dreams.

When I still in senior high school I dream want to college in Japan. But I didn't do anything for that dream. I just wait and hope a miracle will happen to me. You know too, right. It won't happen if I just wait. What should you do for make your dreams come true? Do something! Act. Don't just dreaming and waiting. It will vain and hurt you. I failed college in Japan at that time. I college in Indonesia.

But, god not give what we want but god give us what we need. I didn't need to college in Japan at that time eventhough I really want to. I need keep in my country until the right time come to me. In my campus, I have much important experience. I become Tour Ambassador from Bengkulu for Kalimantan and Sumatra Utara. I went to many place in Indonesia. Because of that love Indonesia more. Indonesia is beautiful you know. Did you realize it Indonesian people? I ever went to some country. To powerful country that better from Indonesia for economy and other. But still, I believe you will has same feeling with me. You will love Indonesia more. If got sholarship to Japan at that time, maybe I won't got that important experience. Maybe I won't got other scholarship in other country, maybe I won't got scholarship that get now. Maybe I won't met with wonderful friends that I have now. Maybe I won't became Amel Chan that you know. I learn much in my lovely country... I'm proud become Indonesian.

I'm still do my path now. I will do the best for my future. You must too. Look at your dreams and do something for that. Maybe you still don't have a way how to. But next time you will meet the answer how to make in come true. I need much time too for knew what should I did for my dreams.

Nothing impossible. Your dreams are not impossible. Now, my dreams are not just dreams.

That's my recent activity. That's all for now. I will continue my sleep now. Bye~
Wait... this the moment that I love. The landscape is beautiful.

See yha~

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Ikutan yuk~ Indonesian Tobikko Gathering of Hey! Say! JUMP 7th Anniversary With Amore JKShop (28 September 2014)

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Tobikko Gathering
Minggu, 28 September 2014
13.00-17.00 WIB
@Chic Music Studio & Lounge
JL. Pemuda No. 65, 
Rawamangun, Jakarta Timur
HTM : Rp.80.000
DP 50.000 s/d 25 Mei 2014
Dresscode : BEAUTIFUL BLACK (NO T-shirt. just imagine you were dating with JUMP)
 Doorprize: Single RWM and many more

CP:  Winda (085269996955)

Hi guys~ saatnya gathering besar-besaran plus merayakan ulang tahun ke-7 Hey! Say! JUMP! 
Pastinya rugi kalau dilewatkan karena apa? Hayo apa?
Banyak hadiahnya loh~!
Nah, stuff keren apa saja yang akan teman-teman dapatkan nanti??
  • Tumbler
  • Strap HP cute
  • Pin 
  • Sticker 
  • lunch

Doorprize and Game Prize yang tersedia, ada:
  • Single RWM (masih segel lho~ Ada yang mau? Ada yang mau?)
  • Mug
  • And many more (rahasia dong)

Gimana ya caranya kalo mau ikutan?
  • Transfer HTM ke rekening yang tersedia (boleh DP dulu minimal DP Rp50.000)
  • Kirimkan foto/scan bukti pembayaran dengan format :
Nama  :

No HP  :

Tanggal transfer : ………………………

Ichiban  :

Domisili : (misalkan : depok/mampang/bekasi/bandung/bogor/cikarang)

****(untuk pembayaran lebih dari satu orang wajib menyertakan nama masing-masing)

Dan di-Email-kan ke :


Nama  :

1. 0867739288938xxx (Ruu)
2. 0857399277283xxx (Yuji)

Tanggal transfer : 12 April 2014

1. Inoo Kei (Ruu)
2. Yuto (Yuji)

1. Jakarta Selatan (Ruu)
2. Cikarang (Yuji)

Tinggal dikirim deh ke email kita:

  • Nama kamu akan dimasukkan ke daftar peserta Gathering setelah mengirimkan email bukti pembayaran dan kami akan mengirimkan konfirmasi nomor ticket melalui balasan email kamu.
  • Pendaftaran dan pembayaran untuk DP paling lambat 25 Mei 2014 (saat Ennichisai di Blok M, DP bisa COD di sana) dan untuk pelunasan HTM paling lambat 31 Agustus 2014

Make sure you book your seat FAST!
Karena kapasitas peserta hanya 130 orang lho~
Jangan sampe kehabisan~

Pembayaran bisa ditransfer ke rekening di bawah ini:
BCA: a.n / Winda Afrina

Untuk COD hanya diperkenankan pada saat rapat panitia di tempat rapat yg telah ditentukan oleh panitia. Untuk COD DP bisa dilakukan di ennichisai blok M tanggal 25 Mei 2014.

Note : 
  • DP akan dianggap hangus dan tidak dapat dikembalikan apabila peserta tidak melunasi HTM hingga batas pembayaran
  • Apabila peserta telah melunasi HTM namun tidak dapat datang ke TKP pada hari H maka dengan berat hati goodies tidak dapat dikirimkan ke alamat peserta. Harap maklum.
  • Untuk pembayaran COD peserta diharapkan pada tempat dan waktu yang ditentukan (dapat dilihat di twitter kita @tobikkogath dan wajib SMS CP kami terlebih dahulu untuk konfirmasi pembayaran COD)
  • Peserta diharapkan tidak membawa makanan dan minuman ke dalam area gathering dikarenakan peraturan dari gedung sendiri. makanan dan minuman akan kami sediakan.

Gimana caranya mau kesana?

Yang paling AMAN, Transjakarta! 
Naik Busway dari arah mana saja menuju koridor Dukuh Atas – Pulo Gadung berenti di halte pemuda. Di sana panitia kami akan standby ^^

Untuk yang naik kereta. Turun di stasiun Jatinegara, naik ke tangga penyeberangan. Naik busway kearah matraman 1, transit menuju ke pulo Gadung, turun di halte pemuda. 

Masih bingung juga? 
Silakan naik taksi. Dengan senang hati pak supir taksi akan membantu kalian menuju gedung langsung.

Atau kalian bisa menghubungi maestro Chic Rawamangun di bawah ini nih
Kiyo: 081297995561 (hanya untuk Tanya rute dan pre-event lho)

Informasi Tambahan:
Yang mau Rampok Time, bisa dilakukan sebelum acara dimulai. Ruangan sudah dibuka dari jam 12.30 siang

Kalau ada pertanyaan, bisa hubungi CP, atau fast renspond di twitter @tobikkogath

So, buruan ajak temen-temennya ikut nobar ini ya~
Dan pastikan nama kamu ada dalam list ASAP 

See yha at the gath~