Monday, June 29, 2015

[Talk] Kindaichi Hajime (Ryosuke Yamada) and Kindaichi Kosuke (Yamashita Tomohisa) Drama

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I just love Kindaichi dorama so much. That's why I want talking about it now. 

I did watched Kindaichi season 1 (Domoto Tsuyoshi), season 2 (Matsumoto Jun), season 3 (Kamenashi Kazuya), and my favorite season 4 (Yamada Ryosuke). Kindaichi case in all season are great and smart case. 

High school student Hajime Kindaichi is unmotivated, lazy, and a little lecherous, much to the exasperation of childhood friend Miyuki Nanase. However, only a few people see his great intelligence and deductive prowess by his 180 IQ, possibly inherited from his grandfather, a private detective Kosuke Kindaichi. For fix the criminal case, Hajime chan always use "in the name of my grand father name" sentence. But, do you know who is Hajime chan's grand father? Okay, note guys, I will focus to Yamachan's Kindaichi Hajime in this esay, okay <3

Who is Kindaichi Hajime's grand father?
His grand father is Kindaichi Kosuke. 

Kindaichi season 4 (2012-2014), this pict from Kindaichi Neo 2014
While the various screen incarnations of Young Hajime Kindaichi are based on manga, the character's grandfather based on written word (novel). Kousuke Kindaichi started life in the novels of Seishi Yokomizo, written and set in post-war Japan. He's a young man with bad dandruff and worse dress-sense. Having gained publicity for solving a high-profile murder case, the detectives allow him to work with them.

We just know the name, right? Kindaichi Kosuke. But actually, there was aired drama about Kindaichi Kosuke on 2013-2014, before this Kindaichi Kosuke played by Goro Inagaki on 2004. But in 2013-2014 (same year with Yamachan's Kindaichi), Kindaichi Kosuke played by Yamashita Tomohisa. Can I write it become, Kindaichi Kosuke is Yamashita Tomohisa? Yes, why not.

I already watched Kindaichi Kosuke drama. It's so funny.

Well, "like grand father like grand son" :D

We know that the grand son, Kindaichi Hajime has funny, fool, pervert, smart, can be serious character, clumsy and myriad other flaws. And so is the grand father, they two just similar so much. But, Hajime chan more funny, fooler, more pervert and more crazy, more clumsy abd has and myriad other flaws than his grand father. 

Hajime chan, eventhough his grand father is famous detective on his era, but he is walk on his own way. He didn't made his grand father's name as a burden, but as motivation and pride. But he fix the puzzle case by his own power.

I watched it, and imagined it just like the real. when I watched Kindaichi Kosuke, I imagined Yamashita as Yamada grand father hohohoh it's fun~ they are similar in face too, right? Okay, a bit. I mean, they two just too suit become relate by blood on this dorama.

Kindaichi Kosuke (2013-2014)
I found this opinion picture from tumblr, I hope it so~, but too late teheee~

I cut randomly part of Kindaichi Kosuke (Yamapi) and Kindaichi Hajime (Yamachan) from their dorama. Try to peek it in here.


I really miss the time when I talking randomly about my interest like this. The time just go by fast. I miss the time when I share my though with you all. 

But, me, now. Really happy with my family. I love my family and my religion so much, that's why.... I want focus my life on it.

I will write in here if I have something interest (about this blog name relate) that I want share with.

Saaaa..... Amel Chan deshita~

Saturday, June 27, 2015

[Talk] Hey! Say! JUMP - JUMPing CAR

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Konnichiwa tobikko no minna san :) Long time no see ne... 

Well, I'm here because this lovely sweet the newest album of JUMP, JUMPing CAR. That can't be help, this album really make me excited, I love it so much. 

Should I start from album sales in the first day?

Yeah... this is my habit. For me, the sales of JUMP's PV and album are really important. Maybe many of you don't really care about it but for me... c'mon I always want to know their position in the japan music world. That's important for them, because of that, that's matter become important for me too.

Oricon chart of JUMPing CAR (Rangking based on sales)
1st day: Number 1 with 90.597 sales
2nd day: Number 1 with 38.582 sales
3rd day: Number 1 with 17.888 sales 
4th day: Number 1 with 9.281 sales 

JUMPing CAR's sales has big difference with their three last albums. Let's we see...
The 1st album, "JUMP No. 1" with  63,581 sales on the 1st day
The 2nd album, "JUMP World" with 60,379 sales on the 1st day
The 3rd album, "S3ART" with 71,929 sales on the 1st day

We can say that JUMPing CAR become the best sales album until now. I definitely agree with this fact. The gap between JUMPing CAR and S3ART's sale is 18.668 on the 1st day. It was so great. 

Next, let's we talking about the JUMPing CAR's songs. I'm so excited with this.

Nah~ about two days ago, I and Dias Kun chit-chat about this album by phone. 

My favorite songs of this album are Ai yo Boku wo michiibiteyuke, Walk, Shen Shen Shen, Dangerous, Boys Don't Stop, Disco Jockey!!!, Fever, JUMPing CAR, Puppy Boo, Union, 3/14 tokei, viva! 9's soul. Eeeee.... did I wrote all the songs? No yet? I love many songs on this album. It's my bad :P sorry.

Dias Kun's favorite songs are Ai yo Boku wo michiibiteyuke, Boys Don't Stop, Disco Jockey!!!, and I'm forget what else (sorry). 

When we compared S3ART album and JUMPing CAR, Dias Kun said to me that he prefer S3ART album (but he really love JUMPing CAR too) and I prefer JUMPing CAR album. Well, it's depent from where/what point of view you see it, right?

For me, if I must look from the song side then I prefer songs of S3ART album. But, there is something warm which make me love JUMPing CAR the most, not just from the songs, but other thing. You, who know me since long time ago must know if I always look something from much side. And maybe you know what I'm talking about. 

I did heard the songs and watched the making of JUMPing CAR a week before the release time. The making give big impression for me. 

I said to Dias Kun that the making of JUMPing CAR is the best making of JUMP for me since 8 years after their debut. 

At that time Dias Kun said, "don't make me feel jsdhgabhvda" LOL I don't know what he feel.

I said, "You know right, I already love JUMP since years ago, I already follow them since the beginning. Since JUMP is just mere a group idol until JUMP become a playing field and home to come back for JUMP member itself."

Dias kun gave regret expression, how not? You know? The first people who introduce JUMP some years ago to me was Dias Kun. But at that time he didn't love JUMP, he just give JUMP songs to me. Not long after that I become so much crazy about JUMP, and Dias Kun keep stay cool on his hard core/rock music type. Dias Kun start falling in love to JUMP about 1,5 years ago? maybe... or 1 years ago, I don't really know the exact time. And I don't know why he falling in love to JUMP. It's still become a mystery for me.

Why JUMPing CAR give deep meaning for me? It's because JUMP member it self.

Kira Kira Hikare Making
In the making, they are just so nature and lovely. They show how they love each other. They play naturally. Look JUMP playing and smiling in the making of MV really make me smile unintentionally.

They are talking just like when you talk with your best friend. When you said "I hate you" to your best friend, that's mean "I love You so much dude". Am I right? If you still talking with a standard way to your friend, then maybe he/she is just mere a friend not your best friend. Because you not feel comfortable talking with him/her freely. 

The part when JUMP talking on the tent before sleep, that's my favorite part. 

They are so brotherly. Every member talking about each other. In one session where they talking about other member really touch my heart. KeitoàHikaru, HikaruàChinen, ChinenàYuya, YuyaàYuto, YutoàYabu, YabuàYamachan, YamachanàDaiki, DaikiàInoo, InooàKeito. You must watching it by your self guys.

What they are talking about, their expression, theis eyes contact, their togetherness win my heart.

And many people talking about unit group of JUMPing CAR, right? What is your opinion? Do you love it? Or Not?

You love if or not, it's not my concern. Because I love it :D

There are 3 units, right? 
Yamachan and Keito
Yabu, Hikaru and Daiki 
Yutti, Chinen, Yuya and Inoo

Picking of members of unit group based on jankenpon. Based on JANKENPON, that's so WOW OoO. Fair, really fair. There is still other way fairer?

And selection unit group which their song will make Music Video was based on QUIS. Yeah, the group who won the quis, so their unit song will make Music Video. And the winner is Yabu, Hikaru and Daiki's unit, that's why just UNION song which has music video. So much fair. I satisfied. The way their choose the member of unit and choose which unit get music video is incredible fair.

Yabu and Hikaru said, they want become Daiki's back dancer LOL

This unit is really really lovely.

It's so funny look Keito shock when yamada surprised they two will become an unit group, with just 2 members. Yamada give surprised and rolling eyes expression too his Keito. Keito feel shock with Yamachan action. Yeah, they two just so close, love it. You must watch it guys. Yamachan look really skinny in here and a bit quiet (low energy), it's because his killing diet for Sasaki Ryohei character on Okasan, ore wa daijobu drama?

As Yamada Ryosuke big fans, I really want Yamachan and Keito unit have music video too. But I already happy just watch unit song making. Yamachan and Keito presenting ballad song for us, 3/14 tokei. I love that song. Easy listening and has deep meaning. So romantic. 

The one who wrote the liric was Yamachan, and Keito help him in english part. And the one who made harmony was Keito. They are great duo

Ahh. because it's about Yamachan and his best friend Keito. I want talking more about them. I remember some weeks ago when Yamachan asked Keito to go out to some cafes for TV show. They even ate in one plate, shared the food together. He said they often go out to the cafe. And not long after that, Kento Nakajima said to his admire senpai Yamachan, that he want go to the cafe with Yamachan too. But Yamachan said, "If that people is not Keito then it doesn't suit, but let's get dinner Kento". Look, he really love the time when he go out with Keito. 

UNION, the music video and the song are worth to get my 2 tumbs. Love it.
PET Shop song is so cute :D

Okay, I think, I don't need to write my opinion of each song, right? It will take long time. 

Before I make end of this writing, I want give short talking about JUMPing CAR interview on TV. 
In HAYADOKI, JUMP win my heart again.They are so close and like know each other so much. This condition really different with the last last last one interview, when about 3-4 years ago. They give me warm heart now. 

In Mezamashi, ZIP! too, they are look so brotherly. 

Okay, in the end I really not to be patient waiting Grasshopper and Okasan, Ore wa daijobu

You can freely put your opinion on comment bellow.

Saaa... enjoy your day guys, sayonara <3 

-Amel Chan

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Hey! Say! JUMP will Appear in NTV Best Artist 2014 and GAMBURISU will Show Up in Manga Fest 2014

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Hola tobikko? Are you missing Hey! Say! JUMP performance already?
Yes? Me too.

Good news, Hey! Say! JUMP will appear in NTV Best Artist 2014, 26 November 2014. Don't miss it guys. Beside Hey! Say! JUMP, there some of Johnnys group will show up too are KAT-TUN, Kinki Kids, TOKIO, NEWS, and V6. Can't wait.

You also can send message to your favorite group, if me Hey! Say! JUMP. Click in this place at

And for Indonesian tobikko, especially Jogjakarta, today 16 November 2014, GAMBURISU (Hey! Say! JUMP dance and band cover) will perfom in Manga Fest Jogja, stand by on the stage at 13.00 guys.

Source and credit:

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

GAMBURISU, Male Dance Cover of Hey! Say! JUMP Who Attract Attention of Newspapers and Social Media

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Muda, kreatif, positif, dan berprestasi! Nah, sepertinya itu kata-kata yang cocok untuk mewakili profile GAMBURISU. Male idol group asal Jogjakarta, Indonesia ini memulai debutnya sebagai group dance cover dari Hey! Say! JUMP pada tanggal 2 November 2014 lalu. Debut mereka dilaksanakan pada event perdana dari JIFUKU Management yang bertajuk Japan-Indonesia Fusion Kultur, festival kebudayaan yang memadukan budaya Indonesia dengan budaya Jepang. Dalam acara itu, GAMBURISU bersama sister groupnya Albeats dan komunitas dimana mereka bernaung Albatross Force J-Community di undang sebagai guest stars.

The Role Model; Hey! Say! JUMP
Seperti yang diliput oleh Japanese Station, Kabaret Albatros Force ini membawakan Hakuoki: The Rise of Kroco, dan uniknya mereka tampil dengan menggunakan bahasa-bahasa daerah yang ada di Indonesia seperti bahasa jawa, batak, madura dan beberapa bahasa daerah lain.  Lho, kenapa jadi membicarakan tentang kabaretnya Albatros Force? Itu karena beberapa dari para pelakon kabaret Albatros Force adalah member GAMBURISU itu sendiri. Wah mereka keren yah tobikko.

GAMBURISU yang tampil perdana di event besar JIFUKU Semarang, langsung menarik perhatian media massa dan media sosial. Penampilan mereka bisa dilihat di Cakra Semarang TV, Suara Merdeka, Japanese Station dan di sosial media yang menjadi topik hot pembicaraan fans Hey! Say! JUMP.
Suara Merdeka
Japanese Station

Pada debut mereka, GAMBURISU membawakan 4 lagu Hey! Say! JUMP yaitu Arigatou Sekai no Doko ni Itemo, Asu e no Yell, Weekender, dan Super Delicate. Wah, kebayangkan serunya? 
Siapa yang nggak menjerit melihat penampilan keren mereka. Sudah kebayang kalau seandainya Hey! Say! JUMP benar-benar konser ke Indonesia. Stop, stop, jangan teriak dulu tobikko. Kita lanjut liputannya ya.

Menyusul debut GAMBURISU yang disambut meriah, mereka selanjutnya tampil di event FANTASTIC ON di Jogja Expo Center pada tanggal 5 November 2014. Kali ini mereka menampilkan kabaret Hana Kimi Ikemen Paradise dan perform lagu Arigatou Sekai no Doko ni Itemo di akhir kabaret. Kabaret mereka kocak dan penampilan dance covernya keren abis.

Mangafest, Fantastic ON, Jogja

Dan ayo kita tunggu penampilan mereka di event-event selanjutnya. Ini salah satu bocoran event mereka yang akan datang:

logo GAMBURISU ditengah dan sister group mereka Albeats
Dijamin deh, pasti banyak tobikko dan fans GAMBURISU yang penasaran dengan profile member mereka kan? Kali ini HSJLounge akan memberikan info singkatnya.

Profile Member:

Dimaz - Yabu Kota (Captain)

Dias - Yamada Ryosuke (Trainer)

Micky - Yuto Nakajima

Kholis - Chinen Yuri

Kiki - Inoo Kei

Ryan - Daiki Arioka

Satria - Hikaru Yaotome

Ruri - Keito Okamoto

Ditho - Yuya Takaki

Lokasi: Yogyakarta
Debut: 2 November 2014

Ayo tobikko semua dan fansnya GAMBURISU, support mereka dengan like fanpage facebook dan twitter mereka ya. Dapatkan terus info update mereka disana. Salam GAMBLIS~

Source and credit:

Oops, ada sesuatu nih, SUPER TRAPPP, mereka semua member GAMBURISU, tebak yah siapa~  
Moe moe gimana gitu. Pasti banyak yang bingung nih tentang gender mereka :D
Cosplay can make you become whoever you want, right.

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Amel Chan now is a wife~

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got married

Thank you so much for all. I will take a break from here for long long long long long long time. 

See you next time. 
Love you all guys.
Good bye.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Download Dorama Here

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Guys just for your reference, if you wanna download some of JUMP dorama and other Japan dorama try to visit this site:


Thursday, May 1, 2014

[GOO Ranking] Most beautiful Johnny's talent rankings

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Announcement of this voting was published in GOO Ranking in 25 April 2014, about 5 days ago. It's okay right, if I post it in here now, though a bit late. But I love this one, soooo that's why.

The participant were 1047 monitors on who they think is most deserving of the title of Johnny's talent who has "beautiful-faced". 

I will post the result of that "beautiful-faced" for under 25 yo category. Because there have 2 categories, under 25 and between 25-35.

For the "Under 25" category, my Yamachan got the first place. So happy. This is the result:

 -Amel Chan