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[Project] Hey! Say! JUMP 5th Anniversary Around The World!

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Happy Anniversary Our lovely Hey! Say! JUMP
Always be United and be strong!
We Will Always Love you

We are JUMP's Fan Around The world in 
Hey! Say! JUMP Lounge Community made little party with this project.

Hai~ D.O.U.Z.O

Before I wanna say to Minna San you are Sugoi!
Hey! Say! JUMP become Trending Topic in Japan and Indonesia (TWITTER)
ScreenShoot credit to Nata Iqbasari - Indonesia
JUMP's FANS no minna san! You are Sugoiiiii~
I respect to You!

MINE [My Ichiban’s Name Elaboration]

1. Yuki Akanishi (
Name: Yuki Akanishi
Country: Indonesia
Gender: Female
Age: 19 YO.

Hey! Say! JUMP

E=very day when I

Y=ou all

J=ust with your smile make
M=memories in my mind
P=lace of you, on deep my heart

2. Hime Syara (

Name : Nur Syarah Adiba (Hime Syara)
Age : 18 Yo
Gender : Female
Country : Malaysia

Yamada Ryosuke (1)

Y=amada Ryosuke
A=lways be
M=y love
A=nd I
A=dore him so much. I

R=evere him, not because his popularity
Y=et because
O=f his money
S=incerely from me, and
U=nited of all of fans’s heart. He is always be
K=ing of our heart,


Yamada Ryosuke (2)

A=lways be
M=y love
A=nd I
A=dore him so much. I-

R=evere him, not because his popularity
Y=et because
O=f his money
S=incerely from me, and
U=nited of all of fans’s heart. He is always be
K=ing of our heart,

Hey! Say! JUMP (1)

H=ey Say JUMP will be
Y=oung for us

S=oon in the future,
A=ll of them will be old, but for us, they still
Y=oung and handsome

J=une, July and all of the months, we will be
U=nited to support them. We
M=ust keep believe, they will be 10 again.
P=eace and love from me, and JUMPers around the world.

Hey! Say! JUMP (2)

H=ey! Say! JUMP will be
Y=oung for us

S=oon in the future,
A=ll of them will be old, but for us, they still
Y=oung and handsome

J=une, July and all of the months, we will be
U=nited to support them. We
M=ust keep believe, they will be 10 again.
P=eace and love from me, and JUMpers around the world.


3. 彰麗 (Akira Rei) (
Name: 彰麗 (Akira Rei)
Age : 18 years old
Gender : Male
Country : Japan

Nakajima Yuto

N=agoyaka (friendly)
A=idoru (idol)
K=agayaku ( shine)
A=i (love)
J=imi (ordinary)
I=chiban (the first)
M=eirou (cheerful)
A=niki (my big bro)XD

Y=amajima confused
U=ta utau (sing a song) XD
T=otemosugoi (very amazing)
O=ver (i like this word) XD


4. Asy-Syauqie Yamazaki (Asy-chan) (
Name :Asy-Syauqie Yamazaki (Asy-chan)
Age : 21 years old
Gender : Female
Country : Indonesia

Yamada Ryosuke

A=ll of perfection is in you...
M=aybe I’m over or excessive, but
A= of your ability can proof that
D=o you know?
A=ll over the world love you

R=yosuke, I do like and proud to be your fan
Y=ou are my perfect idol
O=ne and only, my
S=unshine and my moonlight
U=ntil the end of the time I will
K=eep my feeling to you
E=ndless love for you, my Endless dreams

Hey! Say! JUMP

H=our by hour goes by, brings my
E=veryday and every dream with you
Y=ou all light up my world

S=tars in the sky are not
A=s bright as you
Y=ou all are awesome

J=ust want to show you how much I love you
U=ntil now,
M=y biggest dream is to meet you, although now I only can
P=ut your names in the deep of my heart ♥

5. Wan Chin (
Name: Wan Chin (Lounge’s Admin)
Country: Singapore
Gender: Female
Age: 23 yo

Yabu Kota

Y=our smile
A=nd your gentleness had always
B=e my power and energy, to keep me smiling, and
U=nderstand that nothing is impossible, and Dreams do come true.

O=n smiling, I
T=ruely love your smile, and will
A=lways support you and JUMP!

6. MeyRyo (Aries Umei) (
Name : MeyRyo (ariesumei)
Age : 22 yo
Gender : Female
Country : Hongkong

Yamada Ryosuke

Y=ou is the perfect guy that I ever meet
A=lways waiting for your smile
M=y heart is totaly for you
A=nd I hope you will come Hongkong again
D=imanapun kamu berada aku selalu mendukungmu [Where ever you are I will always support you]
A=ku akan terus melangkah untuk dapat melihatmu [I will keep step up for see you]
R=yosuke, hanya nama mu yang dapat aku tulis [Ryosuke, I just can write your name]
Y=ou mengisi hari-hari ku dengan senyuman maut mu [You feel my days with your smile]
O=r you kill me with your vampire face
S=elalu dan terus mencintaimu [Always and over love you]
U=ntuk mu aku berkorban walau harga karyamu sangat mahal [For you I will sacrifice although your work product so expensive]
K=emanapun kamu melangkah aku selalu mendoakanmu [Whereever you go, I will always pray for you]
E=nd this is from far away love

7. Annabeth Edogawa Wang (
 Name: Triska Indra P. (Annabeth Edogawa_
Age: 14 yo
Gender: Female
Country: Indonesia

Arioka Daiki

A=n amazing man come to my life
R= you going to know?
I=t's you!
O=n my spare time I see your
K=indness, your happiness

D=o you know?
A= wonderful man come to my world
I=t's make me fun every day
K=ind of that, do you know who is it?
I=t's you after all, Arioka Daiki!

Hey! Say! JUMP (1)

H=ey! Say! JUMP is
E=nergic people
Y=oung and talented

A=mazing and fun

J=oyful and funny
M=iracle and Outstanding

Hey! Say! JUMP (2)

H=elpful in my life
E=ndless time cheer me up
Y=ou make me shine

S=ince I know you
A=mazing day always I have
Y=ou bright my days

J=UMP will always be TEN
U=niversal thing!
M=y last word, JUMP is
P=eaceful in my life...

8. Delaisa San Nicolas (
Name: Laiza
Country: Honolulu–Hawaii
Age: 19
Gender: Female

Ryosuke Yamada
R=emembering the moments
Y=esterday is past
O=pen up the present with a
S=mile that will always last
U=ndo the mistakes and leave
K=isses and love because
E=ven the slightest regret will shatter

Y=our beautiful heart
A=s you fall into the dark
M=any words of others will only leave mistakes but
A=s you smile the world becomes a better place
D=ream and make it a reality
A=s the only thing I can do is smile for my love is nothing more than a picture away...

9. Emi Shimizu (
Name : Emi Shimizu
age : 19tahun
Gender : Female
Country: Indonesia/Banjarmasin

Ryutaro Morimoto

R-yutaro Morimoto
Y-ou are the one who own my heart
U-nder the beautiful sky
T-enderly as a wind of night
A-ishiteru!! I wanna shout it out when..
R-emember all memories of You
O-ffer a “Blushed” to my face

M-any days passed
O-nly You whom I waiting for
R-oof of my heart
I-s keeping covering the “Suki” towards you
M-aybe it would be an eternal one sided love only but..
O-verlook of You, I won’t be Able
T-hank You for being my Sunshine
O-ne day, wish could see you again

10. Dita Chun (
Name : dita-cHun
Age : 16
Gender : Female
Country : Indonesia-Sidoarjo

Yamada Ryosuke

Y=amada, aku tahu dirimu [Yamada, I know you]
A=kan tetapi hanya sekedar tahu [But, only know you]
M=ungkin akan sangat sulit untuk benar-benar mengenalmu secara nyata [It may be very difficult to actually get to know you the real]
A=ku hanya mampu melihat [I only can see]
D=an mendengar [And listen]
A=pa yang sedang kamu lakukan di bawah lampu di atas panggung [What are you doing under lamp on the stage]

R=yosuke, tahukah kamu? [Ryosuke, do you know?]
Y=ang pertama kali menyentuh hatiku dari dirimu [The first thing that touch my heart]
O=nly your cute smile”
U=ntuk itu, senyumlah selalu [So, please smile]
S=upaya kamu tetap awet muda dan… [Then you will stay young and…]
U=ntuk membuat orang di sekelilingmu turut tersenyum bahagia [To make people beside you smile happily]
K=amu mau, kan? [You want, right?]
E=rr… Kalau begitu berjanjilah, untuk kami dan juga dirimu [Err… Then please promise, for you and for us]

Hey! Say! JUMP

H=ei, kalian sepuluh laki=laki! [Hey, you ten boys!]
E=ntah aku harus menyebut kalian apa lagi [I don’t know what I must call you]
Y=ang kutahu kalian terlalu mengagumkan! [The thing I know you’re really astonishing!]

S=empurna? [Perfect?]
A=da JUMP dan ada JUMPers [There are JUMP and JUMPers]
Y=a, benar! Itu benar-benar sempurna! [Yeah, right! That’s really perfect!]

J=adi, jangan pernah… [So, never…]
U=cap sebuah kata… [Say…]
M=enyerah, meskipun itu ada pada detik terakhir [Give up, although it in the last second]
P=ercayalah, kadang detik terakhir belum tentu adalah akhir yang sesungguhnya [Keep faith, because sometimes the last second is not the real ending]

11. Ani Wijayanti (
Name: Ani Wijayanti
Country: Indonesia

Yamada Ryosuke

Y=ou're just a little boy
A=fter all of the stealing and cheating , you probably..
M=ade me sad, you only get your frame through controversy
A=nd start a new beginning for us
D=isguise yourself
A=re you sure you are not A MAN TO ME ?

R=espect your worth
Y=ou were there by my side , always down for the ride
O=h no.. , ' cause you're wanting to haunt me
S=o I could only see the good in you
U=ndenial feeling
K=nowing the glory the more he can score
E=nd up with lift your hands higher and wave ' em PROUD

12. Ghee Na Chan (
Name: Ghee na chan
Age: 16 th
Gender: Female
Country: Indonesia

Hey! Say! JUMP

H=eran membernya kok cakep-cakep
E=naknya jika aku memiliki salah satu dari mereka
Y=akin, mereka ngegemesinn

S=udah lama aku mengagumi mereka [A long time ago i admired them]
A=khirnya kini mereka menginjak usia yg ke 5 [Finally now they are treading age to 5]
Y=ang kuharapkan mereka makin kompak, keren, lucu dan [I hope They were compact, cool, funny and]

J=uga makin bersinar [the shining too]
U=ntuk kedepannya aku harap [I hope for the future]
M=orimoto Ryutaro kembali dan membuat [morimoto ryutaro comeback and make]
P=ara JUMPers tersenyum bahagia [the JUMPers smiling happily]

13. Cecille Ameilia Kurniawan (

Name : Cecille Ameilia K.
Age : 16
Gender: Female
Country: Indonesia

Hey! Say! JUMP

H=earing their songs give me many motivation
E=ach members have their own character that make HSJ become 1
Y=ear after year together make their bond stronger

S=miles and tears coloring their days
A=ll together with JUMPers, laughing and crying
Y=es, I'm lucky to know them and become a part of JUMPers

J=ust these 10 dorks that can make my life more colorful
U=nknown path still in front of their eyes
M=ore and more challenge will come, but
P=rays from all JUMPers will shining their ways

14. Jm Yuri Ret Restua (
Name: jm yuri
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Country: Philippines

Yuri Chinen

Y=ou're the only one makes me happy, your
U=npretentious smile
R=elieved my listlessness & sadness, my day is
I=ncomplete with out a

C=hance to see your face!
H=oping to meet you in person.
I= don't care if they say that you are a pretty girl. ;p
N=o doubt' even your a Boy or Girl,
E=very one would like you. But
N=ot me couz' I loved, & 4ever love you!

~Arigatou minna! ;)

15. Arata Suzuki (
Name: Arata Suzuki "Aslainy"
Gender: Female
Country: Philippines

Yabu Kota My Everything
Y-our'e the only one who can make me smile
A- smile that can make me run for a miles
B-est of all the rest
U-nique than anyone else

K-indhearted and a marvelous person
O-utstanding who can't give up easily, Your a
T-alented and extra ordinary,You had everything that I loved,You had the best
A-ngelic voice since you were young...Until now it never ends up...

M-ysterious and very serious adulthood..But everybody knows that,
Y-ou act like a younger child of the group.

E-ver since the day I've know you...You make me a
V-ery crazy fangirl of yours..
E-verything change because of your beautiful song,then the
R-ight thing to do is to make you my inspiration that will never had an expiration...'coz
Y-ou give me the strength,
T-he strenght that can help me to achieve,You are my
H-ope and faith
I-n my heart and soul...
N-obody can never stop me to love you, for enternity, So...
G-O for it my only one "Kota Yabu" ♥

Hey! Say! JUMP

H-ow many years has it been?
E-verday I count on it, 'coz
Y-ou guys are my everything

S-ince the day I know you,
A- lot of days are happy and fun
Y-et sadness comes too

J-ust looking the pictures and listening to your songs...
U-nbelievable happiness shows up, There are
M-any things that I want to say If I could meet you ♥
P-ast and Future will be my memories until the end ♥

14. Amel Chan (HSJLounge)

Name: Amel Chan
Age: 22-23 yo
Gender: Female
Country: Lounge


Y=arn about me as Yamada’s simply fan.
A=dapt from the real story.
M=eaningful days of my episode life.
A=back with a person name’s Yamada Ryosuke.
D=aily write tale about her feeling become Yamada’s fan on little site.
A=base him always.

R=e-do, re watching Yamada’s videos.
Y=eah it’s make energy up.
O=ath, I love Yamada Ryosuke so much as litle brother. I’m his fan thought.
S=.O.S I need help, I can’t escape my feeling from him.
U=rgent! No one can help me to discard Yamada from my mind.
K=.O (knock out)! Okay I’m lose.
E=ach day you can dominate my mind Yamada kun, with positive effort.


H=ey! Say! JUMP, I bashed you before.
E=ee!? This song you said good? Just deaf who can say this song is good!
Y=ears ago, my little sister made me listen Your Seed and Dream Come True song.

S=o so so bad my response that time.
A=ll bash what I told before is really foolishly.
Y=ou know, now I become big fan of JUMP, LOL... So crazy right.

J=eered of mine to JUMP can answer all mystery.
U=nion of 10 mans.
M=ade it become 1 group calls Hey! Say! JUMP.
P=acemaker for me too keep spirit in life.

Poetry of JUMP

1. Hikari Natsumi (

Name : Hikari Natsumi (cover), Tata (for real)
Age : 15 years old
Gender : Female
Country: Indonesia

Since I love you..
when I remember you, I'll kiss a picture deeply
when I'm sad, I'll talk to a picture
when I'm happy, I'll smile and share my happiness to a picture
when I'm angry, a picture can soothe my anger
when I'm in bad mood, a picture can make me smile again
when I'm scary, a picture can calm me down,,,
Cause,, there's 10 angles in the picture

Since I decided to make you as my bias...
when I see your tears,, I'll cry hardly
when I see your smile,, I'll smile all day, like a crazy person
when I heard that you'll come to my country,, I'll spend all of I have just for see you in my face
when you said "Daisuki", I'll answer "AISHITERUYO" in loud voice
when you laugh,, I'll laugh loudly, like a really crazy person

Why? 'Cause you always there's in my heart in every second of my life..
you know?? I really be mad about you..
Happy 5th Anniversary My Lovely 10 Angels.. *^_^*

2. Pupphii Hana Pamatidida (

Nama: Puspita Palupi
umur: 16 tahun
asal: Indonesia-Aceh

Aku bersama mimpi bergandeng bersama
Mengikuti laju arakan awan yg dihembus angin malam
Bersama melodi yang menaikkan laju semangat

Coba merangkai mimpi
Percaya dan yakinlah
Ketika kamu bernyanyi, menari dan meraih ambisi
Harapan itu menjelma nyata

Kita bersama meloncat tinggi
Ancangan untuk terbang menggapai bintang
Diiring tarian dan musik
Bersama symphoni yang tercipta
Seperti lelehan bekuan es,
meluber ke segala sisi.

adalah cinta heart
Berawal dari diriku, lalu langit malam dengan jutaan bintang tak terkira
Hanya agar semua orang tahu
Aku berdiri sebagai orang tanpa arti
Tapi ku mampu melukis mudi langit malam,
agar terus tersimpan dalam memori bintang malam
Dan terus bercahaya seperti bintang

Meskipun hanya mimpi ketika dapat melihatmu dalam bayangan lilin
Lilin malam yang berdesir
Melihatmu secara dekat
Dan menghirup aromamu yang tercipta

3. Emi Shimizu (
Nama : Emi Shimizu
Age : 19 sai
Gender : Female
Location : Banjarmasin, Indonesia

"Bahagia itu.."

Bahagiaku itu sederhana
Ketika melihat mereka selalu bersama
Membungkus perih tangis maupun luka dalam riang tawa
Menyulap mimpi, harap menjadi tak sekedar angan semata

Bahagiaku itu sederhana
Yakni bisa bertemu walau hanya dalam bayang maya
Namun itu mampu meledakkan euforia riang tak terkira
Memupus perih akibat rindu ingin jumpa

Bahagia ku itu sederhana
Hanya dengan mendengar nyanyianmu walau senada
Menghayati kalimatmu kata perkata
Memeluk rupamu dalam hati penuh cinta

4. Yuki Akanishi (
Nama: Yuki Akanishi
Umur: 19 th
Gender: Female
Country: Indonesia

Hey ! Say ! JUMP (I'm here)

ku lihat, kudengar, dan kurasakan
setiap lantunan indah yang kau nyanyikan
setiap senyuman mempesona yang tulus dari hatimu
ingin aku berteriak
menyerukan namamu yang selalu menari-nari di hatiku
dan berkata 'aku sangat mencintaimu'

kau bukan sekedar sosok yang ku kagumi
dirimu seperti doktrin penyemangat hariku
menunggu dalam gundah
berharap melihatmu didepan mata

Sebuah harapan kosong seperti fartamorgana yang indah

Kau laksana berlian di langit
Yang semakin bersinar dan tak sanggup untuk kugapai
Andai saja kau bisa melihatku
Lihatlah aku disini
Pada barisan beludru yang membentang rapih menatapmu

5. Asy-Syauqie Yamazaki (Asy-chan) (
Name: Asy chan
Age: 21 sai
Gender: Female
Country: Indonesia-Bandung

"Don't blame on me"

If I could pick the stars, I wanna give it to you...
But, what can I do?
You have been just brighter than those stars...

If I could I would pull down the rainbow,
and write your names there...
But, what can I do?
You are just more colorful than the rainbow..

If I say love,
It is you!
If I say music,
It is you!
If I say laughter,
It is you!
If I say joy,
It is you!
You are everything for me,
Hey! Say! JUMP...

Your voices make me overwhelmed,
Your cuteness make me melted,
Your kakkoi-ness make me fainted...

It even doesnt matter
If you couldn't see us,
Your far away fan girls...

At least you can feel our love
that goes by with the wind...
Whisper every night near your ears...

Our screaming,
our shouting,
just when we watch your every action,
or even just your pictures...

Nothing I can say,
Hey! Say! JUMP,
You all are so awesome,
So, don't blame on me if I love you so badly!

Hontou nii~

6. Hime Chan (

Name: Putri/Hime
Age: 18 sai
Gender: Female
Country: Indonesia

Want Meet You (Hey Say JUMP)

I love you so much that it makes me cry
I would do anything for you, even die
I want tell you these things if I could, if I may

But it's one of those things that to you I can't say
I would climb up a Fuji mountain to hear your sing
I would swim the Atlantic to watch your dance
I would like to tell you it would make my day

I look your way and almost faint
It's so hard acting like a normal
I would like to tell you, it would blow you away
Unfortunately I can't say!

It's just one of the little things that to you I can't say
I want make you believe all the things that I feel
I want let you know what I feel is for real
I hope one day I can meet you

Whispers of truth reflections
With a lot of love
I just can say that
I’ve fall in love with all of you

For me, JUMP always best
Now and forever...

7. Ani Wijayanti (
Name: Ani Wijayanti
Country: Indonesia

Glow of light has fadin' down
Oh... beautifully shining through
Seize the night shyly
Fadin' red-light confusion in the darkness
Embellished lights adorning through joyness
I see people walk in droves
Toward raisin' frames
He comes straight to me
Asking my existance
Pure heart with gentle affection
I know that you are new
Take me for who I am
The only one thing I want you to know
THANK YOU for the senses from DEEP WITHIN' MY

For My True Ichiban : Ryosuke Yamada
From the bottom of my heart.. Ani Wijayanti ( Hey! Say! JUMP 5th Anniversary )

Mini Diary - Confession of JUMP

1. Hime Syara (

Name: NurSyarahAdibabinti A Rahim
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Country: Malaysia
Ichiban: Yamada Ryosuke
Love JUMP since: 2007

Yamada Ryosuke, the thing I remembered if I want say about him is he is the one who I used to hate before. At the beginning, when the really beginning before HSJ debut, the Hey Say 7 era, the one when Daiki kun and Yuya kun still in Hey Say 7. He is not my ichiban. I like Chinen Yuri, Nakajima Yuto and TakakiYuya. But not him. Not this Yamada Ryosuke.

The debut of HSJ, in the song, Ultra Music Power, he got a solo line there and in HSJ Debut Concert, he had his own song, Perfume. How can a 14 years old boy sang that kind of song? Yabaina.
Still. I don’t like him.
I thought I wont like him but I was wrong.
Mayonaka no Shadow Boy.
These shadow boys. Among these shadow boys, he is the one who shoot the bullet direct to my heart. I am died for a moment when I sad the video at the first time.
This glance, the glance that I wont forget till I die.

I am not the type who will stick to one person, I am not. But in Yamada Ryosuke’s case, even though I saw many of prettiest boys, handsome boys, still. He is the best for me.His baka attitude, his face, his voice and everything about him. I adore it.I’m not the one who perform good in school, I hate school. But HSJ said, school is important. No matter, we must go to school and done the homework. Hey Say JUMP, no matter what. This group is the winner in my chart heart. Really! They are one, they are always 10. Happy 5th Anniversary, JUMP! I will be a loyal JUMPer, Ah, thanks for lending me your voice dear HSJ. For my ringtone, alarm and so on. It’s you guys’ voice that colonize my days. :p
Love you, HSJ.
Much Love,

Wish for Hey! Say! JUMP
To Yabu: always be happy, I love the way you take care the kids.
To Yuya: kame kun’slil bro, my gokusen boys. Even though they said you are fat, for me it is still cute. Just be yourself!
To Hikka: your teeth, I love it. Continue to be a funny person and a mood maker in JUMP.
To Kei: my pretty pretty boy, I hope you are doing good in your study. Wish you the best and got that degree
To Daiki: my pingu boy, you turn in to a hot guy now huh? Continue that effort. Pingu boy is handsome!
To Yuto: hey my ziraffe boy, lol. The gentleman guy, I Wish you the best in your life.
To Keito: My Engrish boy, please teach your fellow to speak well in eigo. Force them! Hahaha
To Chinen: I miss the chibi you, but what can I do? Just, don’t really change Chinenkun. I miss the old you.
To Yamada: Mr Owner of my heart, I just hope. You further your study in university. You need it.
To Morimoto: Come back now!
To JUMP: let’s work hard from now and forever, let’s be together forever and strive for the success. Hey! Say! JUMP is forever 10.

2. PippiUchina (

Name: PippiUchina
Age: 22
Gender: female
Country: Indonesia
Ichiban: Yabu Kota
Love JUMP since: since their debut 2007

In 2005 I was watching a drama titled "Nobuta wo Produce" and I saw Yuto there playing as Kamenashilil bro. I wondered who was very sweet and cute! then I look for the data and know he is Yuto Nakajima JJ members express.since then I've been a fan of Yuto!

I accidentally, in 2006 when I was in Okinawa (my grandma's hometown) I saw the program of Johnny's JR ya-ya-yah, and there I saw KoutaYabu and HikaruYaotome! they are very Cute and funny! and since then I fell in love with YabuKouta!Long story short, in 2007 hey! say! jump perform their debut and I decided from then on to be their fans! especiallyyabucchi.he is my ichiban!!^O^ now 5 years I became fans hey! say! jump, I'm very happy and feel grateful to know them, every heard their songs, see their videos, I became very happy, all my life lost weight instantly.

I can't buy all those magazines because I live in Indonesia, but I always download all of their magazine scans from the Internet. I can't buy all the CDs and DVDs directly at CD's store here, so I bought over the internet, the cost is more expensive but for Hey! Say! JUMP will do buy concert goodies of hey! say! jump I had to think twice, buy goodies or buy their CDs or DVDs.

I finally decided to buy a few goodies such as uchiwa and lightstick. for buying goodies over the internet is quite expensive.I even kept well uchiwa that I bought, I never wear it or take it to some Japanese festivals, because I fear it will be damaged. uchiwa was illustrated YabuKouta and I don't want it damaged. It is the most important thing in my 2011 I was crying because my hamster boy case T^T (I don't want remember that again) but, I still love my hamster boy! how are you? how's your school? I always waiting you come back my hamster boy~ ^^v

I'll always support Hey!Say!JUMP~~ no matter what~ I'll do anything the best for them! I'm JUMP'ers and I'm really HAPPY

Wish for Hey! Say!JUMP: hope hey!say!JUMP is TEN again! Hamster boy always be a part of JUMP! I always waiting for you!

3. Yuki Akanishi (
Name : Yuki Akanishi
Age : 19 sai
Gender : Female
Country : Indonesia
Ichiban : yamada ryosuke ♥
Love HSJ since : 2008

Dear HSJ ----

Dari awal aku memang suka dengan budaya-budaya Jepang. Dari kecil aku suka anime. Dan sountrack lagu-lagunya. Waktu itu sepupu aku tiba-tiba bawain aku setumpuk dorama kesukaan dia, bertemulah aku dengan gokusen (yang dari pertama 'matsujun') karena saking sukanya sama jalur cerita itu, aku terus minta dibawain kelanjutanya. Sempet salah duga. Aku di gokusen 2 suka sama Akanishi Jin. Nah, pas di gokusen 3 aku nemuin sosok yang sejenis dengan abang Jin >< Yuyan XD. Langsung jatuh cinta gitu sama dia. Jelas masih buta akan HSJ. Aku sendiri belum tau kalo Yuyan tuh member HSJ.

Kedua, aku di sodorin dorama yang gak akan pernah aku lupain sama princes yang satu ini, 'scrap teacher' 99,99% perasaan ku pindah gitu aja ke Yamada. Saking sukanya sampai aku baru tau di situ kalo yuyan member HSJ. Parah, tapi jadi lucu sendiri karna bodohnya aku. Tapi perasaanku gak bisa pindah lagi ke lain hati. Seperti tertancap duri tajam yang lansung tertanam pada lubuk hatiku yang paling dalam. XD

Awalnya aku agak diem dan gak banyak omong tentang sukanya aku sama HSJ. Apalagi pas K-pop merambak. Jadi gak bisa seru-seruan cerita tetang ichiban aku. Tahun 2011 (akhir kalo gak salah) aku ketemu sama for hey!say!jump lounge.

Disini aku mulai berani mengungkapkan betapa besarnya rasa suka aku terhadap yamada. Dan antusias mereka yang bikin aku semakin semangat. Dan saat aku tau owner nya orang Indonesia, aku makin excited luar biasa. Aku mau berterima kasih buat kak Amel, admired sempai aku. Aku ngefans sama dia, rasanya hampir setara dengan rasa suka aku ke yamada. Bagi ku dia sosok yang luar biasa. karna dia, aku jadi banyak peluang mengenal banyak Jumper. Kini sudah banyak yang kenal HSJ.
Terutama yamada. Jujur , aku jadi agak minder karna jumper lain pada gak mau kalah haha. Itu sebabnya aku langsung mendedikasikan sebagai maid nya yamada.

I have a reason. Aku gak mau berdebat dan merebutkan ichiban aku. Karna aku pasti kalah. Apalagi di usiaku yang sudah mau kepala dua ini. Mesti ngalah sama adik-adiknya. Maid buat aku berarti bisa tetap disampingnya melayani dengan tulus tanpa ada ke inginan kuat untuk mengusai/memiliki. Karena memang Yama adalah milik kalian. Itu prinsip aku sekarang. aku hanya bisa berharap semua bahagia dengan HSJ.

Harapan aku buat HSJ : I don't wanna regret anything, i just want to make you happy and smile haha #curi kata-kata gorila (keito) aku mau HSJ ceria seperti dulu. Ten jump, ten jump, and ten jump. Kembalikan ryuu >,<

haha curhatnya kebanyakan thanks yang udah mau baca unek-unek saya.
-Maid yuki chan-

4. Georgiana Valerie (

Name: Georgiana Valerie
Age: .18
Gender: Female
Country: Indonesia.
Ichiban: Chinen Yuri and Morimoto Ryutaro
Love JUMP since: 2011

The first time I know Hey! Say! JUMP was from my best friend who loves JUMP for a long time. One week after I cured from my illness, I start to came back to my work place. Well, I was on an Internship in one boutique. While I was working, my 3 friends was talking about what I don't know so I asked them "what are you guys talking about" and then they start to explain it but I didn't understand. So, one of my friend, who I don't want to mention it shows some picture of 10 guys and said "this is Hey! Say! JUMP, do you wanna know them one by one?" Then I said yes, and she shows me the member photos one by one. I was interested to Chinen Yuri at first. Because I like his cute face and his smile. And then she showed me Ryutaro's photo. And I was like, 'wow he's handsome!' But he's younger than me even just one year, lol. And for the next 4 months, me and my 3 friends were talked about Hey! Say! JUMP everyday!.Especially when Ryutaro got suspended. Well, it so sad for me because he wouldn't been able to perform with JUMP anymore. And I was mad with Johnny of course. All I can do is keep supporting him for all he can do. Even though they're just nine now I still love JUMP and waiting for Ryutaro until now.

They bring so much effect for me. First, I have so many friends who loves JUMP from Indonesia or another country. And because of them, i love J-music very much. My mp3 is full of Jpop right now! Lol. And then my pictures and my video on my phone is full of their pictures and videos! Haha!. Big thanks to them~

Wish for Hey! Say! JUMP:
I hope JUMP will be famous in all over the world, and then they become more mature in a year by year. Even this is the 2nd time they celebrate their anniversary without Ryutaro but I will keep supporting them, always.

Hey! Say! JUMP Aishiteruu~heart

5. Han EunMun/Liviani Sari (

Name : Han EunMun / Liviani Sari
Age : 15
Gender : Female
Ichiban: Chinen Yuri
Country : Indonesia

To be a nice memory that this will be going to 5th anniversary of Hey!Say!JUMP!.
Even though i'mnot a fan that follow them from the very beginning, i'm proud enough to know them.

I wonder...
What if i dunno them? I wouldn't know anybody that being my friends. To share everything...
And to be biased. :D

I remember how i really said "ah, they good enough..." When just the first time i saw them by google.Even in my mind i talked to my self, "they have similiar face, huh?" XD my bad eyes.I even can't remember all of their name...
The one who i remember is Ryosuke Yamada and Yabu Kota because its so easy, short, and i hear Yamada or Ryosuke everywhere... XD

Of course because the name of the boy that i just remember is Yamada, i just remember his face... Too chubby LoL. And then i found Chinen... At that time...
I couldn't stop staring at him, his face is cute as boy... XD
And i was looking for all of them and thei song...
Not really long time, finally i could remember their own face and name...
I wonder why at that time i said their face are the same? --"a

But because of it,
I learn so many things....
I learn how their friendship in reality...
I learn how they do their job as professional...
I learn how they proud of their fans...
And its honorable to know them...
I know it seems dramatic...
I never think i could fall to 'boy group', and now i fall in ♡ at these boy and anime so much...
To know they're otaku too is a happy thing too XD
To know every single of their personality...
Even though not at all, even though not thei deeply heart...
But i know they will so shiawase to know their fans really reallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreally so sososooooooooooooo♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ (are the ♡ ten?)them.

So, from now on...
I'll still sukisukisukisukisukisukisukisukisukisukikimi-tachi. (Are the suki ten?)

And my hope for them..
1 Hey! Say! JUMP! 0 haters.
♡ 10 Hey! Say! JUMP!

Although i don't know until when i could loving kimi-tachi... But i know until now i even can't say that i don't care about all of you.
I can't said i'll♡ you till death come...its too naive deshou?
We'll never know the day after tomorrow...
But i know, now, i'm still want to you youyouyouyouyouyouyouyouyou to be my precious idol and admiration.

And a short message to them..
Yama : to get older is not bad... But i want you to has that chubby cheeks like before... XD and i know you really want to do your job as professional, but please think of yourselves too... :)
Chii : my ichiban ~ please always be my ichiban, do what you want and sleep as much as you want because we're the same... ♡ sleep all the way... :D XD keep your spirit and always shiawase :D
Yuto : you have so many abs... You turned so cool, it makes me feel quiet doki-doki... (But you couldn't steal my heat from yuri.. MUAHAHA #slapped) XDD
Keito :yo, eigo boy... XD your english still good deshou? Please keep it! XD let every one of them being like you... Learning english is cho good, and played your guitar cooler then now kudasai...and ganbatteeventhough you always got bullied by another LoL (XD)9
Ryu : DORAGON BOY!! I want to see your tail! Doing well OK?! Everybody ♡ you!!
Yabu : i always see you as papa of them LoL but i found you're a cute papa... Your smile is always funny XD
Hikaru : comedian ! XD *kicked*
Yuyan : please stay baka and cool, and half adult its cute, funny, and quiet cool XDDD *slapped*
Kei : awesome ~ you doing your architecture so well and you played piano, and you speak china, and you're beauty LoL please teach me how to play piano and doing architec thingy ~ :3
Dai : penguin, stay young! XD

♡you all ~ XD


6. 彰麗 (Akira Rei) (

Name :Rei Akira
Age : 18
Gender :Male
Country :Japan
Ichiban : Nakajima Yuto
love jump since : Maybe in debut 2007

Ok. The first time i know Hey! Say! JUMP since they in j.j. Express (not all. Cause Hika and Yabu already in group yaya yah).

One days, my brother and me went to watched Arashi in Shounen Club. He so like Arashi. And then, it's the first time i meet Yuto-kun (he so tall haha). And i saw hikabu with yaya yah. They so cool and amazing. That's the reason why can i can like them.

I so excited to follow they until now.
Multi-talent and so many girls like them. (envy XC)
but sure, i'm so admired them.
And talking about ichiban.
My ichiban is Nakajima Yuto.
I met him for second time. He so friendly and ordinary people.
And many more good point his have.
Make me fall in love >< with his tallent (i'm not gay, although he so pretty XD)
i'm so admired him.

Wish for HSJ :
I hope they always stay in top rank, and all people in this planet or another planet know they XD
maybe he want to be a good man in the future. Chose for study hard XC
but, heyu boy! You've good tallent and many girls miss you !
So, i hope you can comeback for cheer up HSJ. Ten jump, can't jump without you.

Ah, i'm talk so much.
Ok. It's enough.
Thank's -Rei-
Over XD

7. Asy-Syauqie Yamazaki (Asy-chan) (
Name: Asy-Syauqie Yamazaki (Asy chan)
Age: 21 sai
Gender: Female
COuntry: Indonesia
Love JUMP since: 2012

---- Dear JUMP diary,
Err, I won't write too much here. Because my feeling couldnt be written by words.
At first I wanna tell you all about the 'accident' that made me love JUMP until now.
Well, when I visited my friend's dorm, we watched movies together. And I asked the Japanese movie from her.
One of the movies is 'Hidarime Tante Eye' . So I watched it, and I was interested in the boy at the movie.
He is so cute, I think. Even like a girl. Lately, I know him as 'Yamada Ryosuke'.
So, I began to search everything about him. And I found his group, Hey! Say! JUMP. Again, they made me
interested. From that time, I love JUMP and Yamada Ryosuke so much. Whereas, last time I never ever had a feeling
like this to some boy bands or artists. Never, I never love them like I love JUMP.

I search all of his movies, songs, PVs and so on... I really wanna know everything about them...

Although I love them not in a long time. Well I know I am just a newbie here. But I know that my feeling and my
love for JUMP as much as them, the JUMPers before me.

I really love, and like everything about them. I never ever being a fan girl before. But, when I met JUMP,
I decided to be a fangirl...

I know it was so naive when I said that I screamed or act over when I looked at them, like a child, right? I know,
but that's why I love JUMP. They made me happy.

Sometimes I regret, why I am so late to know JUMP?
Why didnt I know them when I was in senior high school, in order to I could spent more time with JUMP.

Well, nothing to be regretted. I thanks a lot to God and to JUMP.
Because by knowing JUMP, I have a different spirit.
Spirit to reach my dream...

JUMP is 'My everything'
My 'Flame of Love'
Because they are my 'Endless dream'
I want to 'Fly'
and 'hurry up' go 'to the top'
with the 'magic power'
So all the 'Dreams come true'
I know there's so much 'Chance to Change'
Change everything,
change a 'moonlight' become the sunshine
All can change,
but our 'memories' will always 'be alive'
Until the 'time' gone
and everything is 'over'
We are will 'together forever'
'Aishiteru' Hey! Say! JUMP,
'Thank you' for everything...

Hope to JUMP: I want JUMP will always be exists until the end of time. I want JUMP will be ten again. I want JUMP
will always be my inspiration and encourageness. Keep fighting! Tottemo daisuki, JUMP ♥

Hope to my Ichiban Yamada Ryosuke: I know you are so multi-talented and I learn many things from you.
So, I hope you will be always like that, Yamachan, keep being like that. Like Yamachan I know. And I will always love you
until the time will bring me to another place. I LOVE YOU, YAMADA RYOSUKE ♥

=Arigatou Hey! Say! JUMP, you teach me how to love someone, you made me meet another friends, and many knowledges=

=Happy 5th Anniversary=

Atashi kara kimitachi e

Indoneshia, 2012 Sept 16

8. Nickielou Barton (

Name: Nik Barton
Age: 19 yo
Gender: Female
Country: Philippines
Ichiban: Yabu Kota
Love JUMP since: August 2012

At first, I was like searching for new J-pop artists that I could listen to. Some of my favorites were Monkey Majik, w-inds, and LMC. While askingfor some reccomendations from various people, the common answer that they gave me was none other than HEY SAY JUMP. Everyone I asked gave me this answer. And so, thinking that this group is that good because of it’s popularity I searched for some of their videos in Youtube and then found their Bokuwa Vampire performance in Shounen Club. At first when they started the music I already got hooked into it and makes me want to listen to it 'til the end. And also everyone looked so cool with their customes and their moves were cool too. But what makes my heart go -doki- was when Yabu Kota sang his line. When it was his part, I was like "My God! What's with this guy?? Nee to know his name, need to know his name.....". I can't imagine how I was fangirling at that time *laughs*. And so then it started there. I searched for the groups info on the web and found out at last that the guy who made my heart go -doki- was Yabu Kota. *laughs* While reading through some of their info I also found out that the youngest member Ryutaro was taken out from the group. At first i didn't mind it though 'cause i don't know who that guy is yet. But as time goes on, how i wished Ryutaro is still a member of HSJ.

And then I started searching on some of their concerts and then began to download them. And here's what made me surprise to myself. I searched for their first concert and wanted to download it. I didn't get some direct download links and the only available are those torrent ones. Personally, I HATE torrents! 'cause it takes too long and I can't wait that long you know. When I want it, I want it right now. I don't want to wait for a long time. But thinking that I can get some good results I continued it anyway. And so it began, the countdown. As expected, it took me 3 days to watch the concert. And the concert was just too great. Even though the UMP was sang for how many times, I still liked it. After watching their debut concert, I then searched again for other concerts, PV, PV making, the vareity that they are involved in, the dramas where they acted, and everything that invloved them. And for one month, I have watched all their PV makings, downloaded and watched 4 concerts, downloaded their 2 albums, and any thing that invlolves HSJ. I was really thankful that someone is sharing his/her things that involves HSJ. I am really thankful.

And also, their songs. Their songs are so good and nice to hear. The meaning too is really great. Like saying to not give up, I am not alone, continue to dream, and everything. Their songs are like my inspiration as I go on with my daily today. (hehe)

To Hey Say Jump members, there's just one thing that I wanted to tell you. Please stay strong and continue to give us music that are inspiring and please do please stay together until the end. I don't want someone to go solo that would make the group incomplete. I want the 10-member HSJ.

Wish for Hey! Say! JUMP: I want the HSJ members to be completed again and wanted them to continue in giving us fans inspiration.


9. Yesenia Garcia (
Name: Yesenia Garcia
Gender: Female
Country: United States
Ichiban: Yamada Ryosuke
Love JUMP since: 2008

Before I knew Hey! Say! JUMP I was a fan of KAT-TUN and Arashi but in 2008 after i watched either Your Seed or Mayonaka no Shadow Boy (Actually I don't remember) I began to like them and before I realize I became a fan and started to buy their stuff but is not easy because in my town I don't have any Japanese stores and I have to buy it from online but I know the prices are high but either was i have to buy it.
I really love Hey! Say! JUMP so much.

Wish for Hey! Say! JUMP: I really want to see 10 people again like it used to be before. I wish for Ryutaro to keep doing his best in his studies.Even though you won't grow taller anymore please drink milk for your health Dai-chan.

10. Pinky Nur Azizah  (

Name: Pinky Nur Azizah
Age: 13
Gender: Female
Country: Indonesia
Ichiban: Morimoto Ryutaro
Love JUMP since: release 'Doko ni Arigatou Sekaino Itemo'

"I was sad when considering together with HSJ Ryutaro ... I will not write much, I want to wish hany with all of you that Ryu back to HSJ ..."

Hope to Hey! Say! JUMP: JUMP could go back to 10 again!

11. Dita Chun (

Name : dita-cHun
Age : 16
Gender : Female
Country : Indonesia
Ichiban : -
Niban : Yamada Ryosuke
Sanban : Chinen Yuuri
1st Time I Like JUMP : April 2011

Hallo, aku dita-cHun! Baiklah, itu bukan nama asli, tapi sebut saja begitu. Di sini aku akan berbagi sedikit [tapi, mungkin panjang, ya?] tentang bagaimana aku mengenal Hey! Say! JUMP dan sampai aku mencintai mereka hingga detik ini.

Tidak ada hal yang spesial yang membuat aku mengenal mereka. Pertama kali tahu adalah karena cerita temanku sekitar akhir tahun 2010. Dia bilang dia baru selesai nonton dorama Jepang yang luar biasa keren! Judulnya “Scrap Teachers”, mungkin mayoritas dari kalian semua sudah tidak asing lagi dengan judul dorama ini. Karena waktu itu aku masih setia dengan fandom M-Pop dan K-Pop, aku mengabaikannya. Kuanggap alur dorama itu tidak akan semenarik antusias temanku itu saat menceritakan aduhai kerennya salah satu tokoh utama, yakni Yamada Ryosuke. Meskipun dia berusaha memperkenalkan satu-satu tokoh utama dorama tersebut, aku tidak begitu mempedulikannya. Karena saat itu aku hanya memiliki satu ichiban di dunia M-Pop dan kuharap aku tidak akan teralih dengan pria lain manapun setelah itu.
Lama-lama bosan juga kalau dengar temanku itu berbicara panjang lebar mengenai Scrap Teachers. Akhirnya, sekitar akhir Maret atau awal April 2011 aku memutuskan untuk pergi ke tempat persewaan kaset tak jauh dari sekolahku untuk meminjam DVD yang sudah ditonton temanku itu sampai super-histeris. Aku mencarinya dan hari itu juga aku mendapatkan disk pertamanya untuk kutonton seberapa seru dorama itu dengan mata kepalaku sendiri.

Sampai di rumah aku langsung stand by di depan laptop, siap menangkap dorama itu dalam ingatanku. Di awal episode satu aku tidak terlalu tertarik, tapi begitu tiga tokoh pahlawan drama itu—YamaDaiChii, aku jadi senyum-senyum sendiri. Penasaran, aku terus melanjutkan dorama itu dari mulai episode satu hingga sembilan. Dan tahukah kalian? Aku menangis pada episode-episode menjelang akhir. Aku benar-benar tidak menduga sejak awal bahwa cerita dorama Scrap Teachers itu akan menjadi dorama yang paling melekat yang pernah kutonton. Ceritanya benar-benar lebih keren dari apa yang diceritakan temanku!
Dan dari situlah pertama kalinya aku menyukai Chinen Yuuri.
Sejak itu, aku sering browsing hal-hal berkaitan dengan Chinen Yuuri, termasuk melacak jejak karirnya. Ah, rupanya dia ada dalam idol group bernama “Hey! Say! JUMP”. Tapi, tunggu! Kedengarannya nama itu tidak asing di ingatanku. Aku mencoba mengingat-ingat kembali kapan aku pertama kali mendengar/melihat nama itu. Aku ingat, itu sekitar 2009 akhir atau 2010 awal, mungkin. Aku pernah melihat mereka di salah satu stasiun TV negeri, tepatnya waktu itu MV mereka sedang diputar di sana. Dan aku jadi ingat saat itu aku mengatakan sesuatu. “Ya ampun, ada ya group anak-anak begini? Terus, anak kecil itu siapa? Dia paling pendek dan suaranya paling berbeda dari yang lainnya!”
Baiklah, tentu kalian mengerti siapa yang aku maksud di situ.
Chinen Yuuri. Ya, dia yang kumaksud. Dan mungkin ini adalah takdir yang datang seperti kebetulan. Aku sudah tahu Hey! Say! JUMP sejak tahun 2009 dan aku malah tidak sadar bahwa orang yang saat itu [2011] aku sukai adalah orang yang kutertawakan tahun itu [2009]. Ini benar-benar lucu!
Tahun 2011, aku menyatakan bahwa ichibanku tetap pria M-Pop itu, sebut saja WZ, dan aku memiliki seorang niban, yakni Chinen Yuuri. Beberapa temanku yang sudah menonton drama Scrap Teachers selalu mengatakan bahwa Yamada Ryosuke adalah yang paling tampan diantara keempatnya [Yuto, Dai, Yama, Chii]. Tapi, aku tetap tidak berubah pikiran, saat itu yang kusukai memang Chii, Chinen Yuuri. Bukan Yamada Ryosuke atau siapapun.

Beberapa bulan kemudian aku searching di internet mengenai dorama Jepang lainnya yang mungkin bisa kutonton, apalagi jika yang menjadi tokoh utama adalah personel Hey! Say! JUMP. Saat itu aku mendapat informasi kalau ada dorama yang cukup bagus, yakni Detective School Q [Tantei Gakuen Q]. Kalau nggak salah dulu aku dapat link TGQ dari teman online-ku, Tania-chan. Sankyuu, Tania-chan! Dari situ aku mulai melihat sisi berbeda dari Yamada Ryosuke, mungkin sesuatu yang disebut kharisma. Entah kenapa aku lebih menyukai karakter dan tampilannya di TGQ dibanding saat di Scrap Teachers. Atau mungkin alasannya karena… Aku memang penyuka tipe cowok cantik dibanding cowok tampan!

Nah, sejak saat itu aku mulai mencari info lebih lanjut tentang Yamada Ryosuke dan kehidupan pribadinya, mungkin. Aku menjumpai kalau kami memiliki satu kesukaan yang sama, yakni penggila ichigo [strawberry]. Merasa memiliki kesukaan yang sama aku mencari tahu lebih lanjut tentang dia. Tahu-tahu aku dapat info kalau dia punya lagu solo yang keren! Judulnya “Asia no Yoru”.

Baiklah, singkat cerita lagu itu membuat dadaku berdebar luar biasa dan aku mulai menyukai Yamada Ryosuke, kemudian meletakkannya pada posisi sanban. Semakin hari rasa sukaku pada Hey! Say! JUMP bukannya semakin berkurang malah semakin bertambah. Mereka benar-benar keren! Entah aku tidak tahu lagi aku harus menyebut mereka apa, yang pasti aku sangat-sangat menyukai dan mengagumi mereka! Lagu-lagu yang mereka nyanyikan sering jadi penyemangat bagiku saat detik-detik aku kembali jatuh karena suatu masalah.
Maka dari itu, “Terima kasih” kepada kalian—Hey! Say! JUMP—yang sudah mengisi hari-hariku menjadi lebih bahagia dan berwarna daripada sebelumnya!
Terakhir, harapanku untuk Hey! Say! JUMP ke depannya :
1st - Morimoto Ryutaro, cepatlah kembali ke JUMP! Personel JUMP dan JUMPers sedang menunggu kepulanganmu ke idol group ini!
2nd- Semoga hari ini lebih baik dari hari kemarin dan hari esok lebih baik dari hari ini bagi Hey! Say! JUMP.
3rd- Semoga tetap awet muda dan rajin tersenyum, terutama Takaki-kun dan Ryosuke!

Baiklah, aku pegel ngetik. Kalau begitu sebelum aku menyudahi mini diary yang mungkin sudah berubah menjadi buku diary ini, aku mau memberitahukan sesuatu yang berbau tidak penting dan random. Yakni, urutan –ban saya saat ini.

Ichiban : -
Niban : Yamada Ryosuke
Sanban : Chinen Yuuri
Shiban : -
Goban : Okamoto Keito
Rokuban : Takaki Yuya
Nanaban : Arioka Daiki

[yang kosong artinya bukan personel Hey! Say! JUMP]

Oke, terima kasih buat admin yang sudah memberikan kolom untuk saya berbagi! Dan untuk semua pembaca, terima kasih sudah membaca! Sekian~

12. Arata Suzuki (
Name: Arata Suzuki "Aslainy"
Gender: Female
Country: Philippines
Ichiban: Kota Yabu ♥
Love JUMP since: 2007

" Ahem! =.=+ Hehe! Ettou.. I still rememember how I've been addicted to Hongo Kanata, Seto Koji, Aiba Hiroki since 2007. But because of them I could never known Jump early. ♥  I'm just searching a picture about Kanata-san, then I saw a cute picture of Yama-chan on that time. Then next Yuyan, I still don't have any ichiban on that time. Until the day past by I've been searching songs about Hey Say Jump.. And then read a lot of Info's of Jump..until one day I've been interested to someone named "Kota Yabu" ♥. *laughs* I could never forgot about that of course. Day by day until now, my fandom about them is still in my heart and memories. ♥
Wish for Hey! Say! JUMP: "Dreams are wide to achieve, Believing each other is way to achieve something great to the future... It begins a lot of mistakes then you learn about it.. Never give up! Dream comes true ♥ I know you guys can do. Jump is forever 10"

13. Rainne Angelique D. Mancanes (

Name: Rainne Angelique D. Mancanes
Age: 14 years old
Gender: Female
Country: Philippines

WISH for JUMP: I like the rest of the Jumpers world wide pray and hope that our beloved men will stay together forever and will give us more music and entertainment. I will forever be a Jumper and will support and love our dear men till the end.

14. Amel Chan (HSJLounge)
Mini Diary - Confession of JUMP
Name: Amel Chan
Age: 22-23 yo
Gender: Female
Country: Lounge
Ichiban: Yamada Ryosuke
Love JUMP since: amm.... I’m forget.

[You might know what my favorite foods and stuff are, but....
Do you know what I wanted to be when I was little?
What makes me happy?
What makes me mad?
You don’t know what I’m really like, do you?
So, with all that, saying you ‘Love’ me... Isn’t that strange?]

That’s sentence is quote from Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge dorama, Kamenashi Kazuya character. When heard it I become so numb and re-think about me. Yeah, I dunno what Yamada’s big dream, what makes he happy and mad. I dunno anything about him. So, with all of that, saying ‘I Love Him’ Is it strange?

I don’t know..... I don’t know if it’s love or whatever, but let me become your fan Yamada Ryosuke kun. I know in out there so many people love you more better than me. But let me be your eternal fan as myself. And you, just be Yamada Ryosuke as yourself too, who makes many people love and hate you. Is okay right, because it is real you. I don’t regret anything be your fan. What another antis talking about you, never can change the way I think about you.

Early years ago, I’m ‘a hater’ who change become ‘earnest lover’ of Yamada Ryosuke. Forget it, I don’t want talking about my past. The first I like you not because you are look so stupid sometimes. But I like because you are cool, handsome and look genius. Is it normal? Yes, normal. But more know about you that the real Yamada is not a genius, just so-so, not really cool, ordinary man, sometime you look ugly, sometime when watching video I overstep your part because you look bad, LOL yeah... it’s me. Do Yamada will look better if he is become perfect man? Love not just about our like part right? But expose everything about you, all your faults... and face your partner and adversary head on. That’s why it’s wonderful. That’s why it’s so risky. That’s why it’s so precious.

I have bad behavior, maybe because in the beginning I’m a antis. Now, when people say to meYamada isn’t handsome”, so with fluent I will aswer “Yes, he is ugly”. “Why you love him, so many people more great than him?” without think I will say “Why I love him? Because he is not great like others”. “Their song is bad, not easy listening and noisy, blind rhythm, make headache, why you keep like and listening it?” With enjoy I will said “Yeah their song is the badness in the world, make my ears and head got sick if I not hear that noisy song even just a day”. I’m not kind person type. I hate act like nice person. So, what you look on me as long as you know me, is it the real me. With all my bad side. If you know me, you will know in every bash words from me is full with love.

Hey! Say! JUMP, it’s unique and cool name, I absolutely love that name. I know JUMP because Yamada and before I just love Yamada. But now, other 9 JUMP are my affection. Yabu, Hikaru, Inoo, Yuya, Chinen, Yuto, Keito, Ryutaro, Daiki, Yamada all of them there are to be part of life each other. I tremendously love Hey! Say! JUMP.

Wish for Hey! Say! JUMP:
I hope Hey! Say! JUMP will everlasting be Hey! Say! JUMP with 10 people until the end. Ryutaro Morimoto I extremely miss you, I miss TEN JUMP which is real. Even I dunno what happen to you and how your condition now, but I hope you always health and can stand up again. Ryutaro must be JUMP forever. I know you will.
Especially for Yamada Ryosuke kun, Hey little brother.... Do you won’t try to get college? C’one, education is so important for your future. As a teacher I hope and pray to you so that you have desire to college. LOL Don’t be so stupid okay! If I have 100% fondness, I will give 100% for you Yamada Ryosuke. And if I have more bonus I will give it all to other 9 JUMP. Only Hey! Say! JUMP. Of course NYC too ;)



1. Mina N. Chi - Philippines (

Tribute 1
- Youtube:
- Mediafire:
password: minachi

Tribute 2:
- Youtube:
- Mediafire:
password: minachi

2. Aia Catalan - Phiolippines (

3. Zakiyah Faqoth-Asy Chan - Indonesia

4. Amel Chan


Aina Kin - Japan

Arata Suzuki - Phillipines

Asy-Syauqie Yamazaki (Asy-chan) - Indonesia 

Ghee Na Chan - Indonesia

Hesti Chan - Indonesia

Lena Medel - Phillipines 

Hime Chan - Indonesia

Melisa Christiani - Indonesia

RaniCiel Mario-Oreo Phantomhive - Indonesia

Soraya Rahmadani - Indonesia

Wan Chin - Singapore

Yesenia Garcia - America

Mary Grace Guarin-Dumaguete City

Mara Roque - Phillipines

Sunny Yamada - Indonesia

Rainne Angelique Mancanes - Phillipines

Amel Chan

Thank You So Much For All Friends Who had Participated


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